16 June 2012

New Features in iOS 6

Apple at WWDC unveiled the latest and greatest features of its new operating system, iOS 6 .
Again this new version of Apple's iOS is packed with more exciting and awaited features. From Passbook (New Application) to New Maps we would be unfolding everything for you below.
ios 6

So, let’s get started with Siri.


Now Siri would be more intelligent and can easily tell you when the game is on, scores, players stats and other such match information. So that next time when something about the game is discussed within your friends you are not left behind. It can be a handy feature for the game fans that can always stay updated with the latest scores no matter they are, driving, in the gym or office.
Now siri even speaks few more languages and can also open apps for you.


Another new feature which has been just added to the iOS 6 is Passbook.

No more carrying of store membership cards and other such cards which are required occasionally .This application will let users keep track of all the their movie tickets ,boarding passes, store memberships cards and other such unwanted cards which are required occasionally.
To, add more fun to this digital card keeping application Apple has spiced this application with "Geo-Location Prioritization” features which will automatically detect your location and will pull up the card to the top on the list for convenience of the user. So that you don’t have to waste you time to go through same bunches of virtual membership cars again and again.


Now on the new iOS 6 you will not see that Google Maps application as Apple has replaced it with more beautiful and impressive maps application of its own.
Users that were unable to experience turn by turn navigation with the built in application unlike android which has built-in turn by turn navigation app so for that apple has replaced google maps application with its own .
Apple has added one more feature to beautify its application called "FLYOVER" in which you can experience the map as if you are flying over the area.


iOS 6 will now be more social as it will be having deep facebook integration . iOS 6 will let the user store their important details and will use them up when required .
Users can now directly share photos, location and their latest achievements (via game centre).
Now the Facebook contacts will appear on your contact list (phonebook) and now facebook events will be pinned to you calendar.


Though its nothing new but now the facetime users are not bounded to availability of WiFi for the application to work .As now Face Time would work with 3G networks and users can also chat without WiFi.


The previous version of iOS (i.e iOS 5) HAD this feature but now on iOS6 this feature has been topped up with some social abilities , now users can share their pictures with iCloud .The photos would appear immediately on a device with iOS 6 , OS X Mountain Lion or the Apple TV other users have to enjoy them up on the web browser.


Now the photos and videos couldd be added more easily .
Now there's a VIP list so that you don’t miss emails from people
who are of most importance to you.


Few new features for managing the incoming calls have been added which would make your device more friendly and convenient to use. Now if you don’t want to talk to the caller or say you are in a meeting you can decline the call with a message.
There’s also a "Do not Disturb” feature on board.


The browser will now have iCloud feature which would sync the pages across all your connected devices .Now users can enjoy the webpage in the landscape full screen view and now full WebPages are saved instead of links .
With this new version of Safari now you would be able to upload images directly within the safari.


To let them enjoy the iPhone, those with low vision, hearing difficulties and autism apple has added certain improvement "Voice Over" would now be present in Maps, Assitive touch and zoom.
A new guided access feature that disables the home button and locks the device with one application restricting the input area for Autistic Children.