26 August 2012

Amazon Kindle comes to India

Good news for all the book lovers as the America based e-commerce giant Amazon has finally launched Kindle an e-reader in India. Kindle has been launched with the price tag of Rs.6999 and you can purchase it from selected Croma stores near you or you can also purchase it via Croma's online shopping store.

With the launch of Kindle, Amazon also launched its Amazon Kindle Store for India where you can purchase Indian titles in Indian rupees. Now the writers can take advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing through which they can reach the masses through their e-books and can also earn some bucks .

The Kindle houses 2GB of storage space which can accumulate approximately 1400 e-books.
Kindle is loaded with e-ink display technology, which doesn't strain your eyes and thanks to this technology the battery backup of the device is up to 1 month with wireless off and up to 3 weeks with wireless on. Moreover the screen can be easily read in the bright sunlight without any glare.

So the conclusion is , now you can purchase Amazon Kindle via your Domestic Visa or MasterCard and same is the case for the titles available for reading on this gadget.

But the thing is, Is it worth buying this e-book reader when there are plenty of  budget Tablets loaded with Android already available in the market on which the Kindle app can be easily installed. Moreover the books could also be enjoyed on any Apple iOS app via the same application.

If you have any queries regarding the device feel free to ask them here.

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