20 December 2012

Flush your toilet with just a click (enhance your lavatory experience)

The innovation in app and smartphone market does not seem taking a pause as Japanese has once again decided to show the world their knack of devising newer and smarter products. Japanese firm Lexil have come up with the idea of creating a toilet that can be controlled by a smartphone.

The toilet goes on sale from early 2013, it will be operated by a smartphone application which not only flushes toilet with just a click but also track your bowel movements.

Not only it controls all the functions of toilet seat but it also plays your favorite music from the speakers built-in to toilet base. All this functionality requires no internet or data connection, the smartphone interacts with toilet using Bluetooth.

The application My Satis will be available only for select Android devices for now.  Users can flush, raise the toilet seat, use jet flush and playback their favorite music using My Satis application. One can even store his/her preferred settings.

The system also monitors how often do you flush after emptying your bowels and also maintains record of your water and electricity consumption in using this sophisticated yet easy lavatory system.