21 January 2013

Share files with sound (Chirp an App)

Though it is evident that resources are limited, but technology and ideas are not. The latest development around the tech sphere trending now is that you can even share files with sounds! You might have already heard or read of it and we must admit that it is true. In near future you will probably have an option of sharing photos, contacts, notes and links through the loudspeaker of your smartphone which would be a game changer.

chirp apple ios app
An iOS app ‘Chirp’ let users to transfer digital content in form of sound waves and this content can be received by another Apple device in audible range provided the application is also installed on the device.

We at T2C embrace this idea and have a view that this revolutionary concept can really change the way we exchange content among smartphones.

How the App work?

Suppose a user wants to transfer an image to another user (provided ‘Chirp’ app is already installed on both devices), first user will simply press the large yellow Chirp button. The app will start playing a high pitch tone (for about 2 seconds), which the other phone in audible range can detect and download the file from the chirp servers.

chirp apple ios app

The back end story

Q: How the app really accomplish file transfer using sound?

Ans: The system is sensitive to a couple of notes which are played in a particular order with a certain range and certain speed. The audio engine decodes this data in the form of a code which the servers can work upon. Lastly server gives user the file.

Does that means for the app to work you need a working data connection? Indeed yes! But the app provides flexibility to its users, that is, user can make the chirp and can also receive them offline and when the user goes online the server processes the chirp and sends them the file.
And surprisingly the app also works in a noisy environment and according to the developers if you can hear the chirp then it is audible to the smartphones too.

Though only Apple users can enjoy this app for now but sooner or later Android users too will make a Chirping sound with Chirp!